Supportive quotes

Project Naval Distinction depends on the support of Canadians from coast to coast to coast. If you are the head of an association or organization, one way to show your support is to write us a supportive quote.

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Project Naval Distinction is proud to have received the following supportive quotes:

“Project Naval Distinction is a wonderful initiative. For Canada, there is no more fitting ship than HMCS Haida – the “fightingest ship” of the Second World War — to be named the flagship of the Royal Canadian Navy. Today – more than seventy years after the fact – the actions of Haida stand as a testament to the spirit and ethos of the Royal Canadian Navy – a spirit and ethos which remain just as important now as they were then.

As Royal Navy has the Victory, and the U.S. Navy has the Constitution, Canada150 is the perfect time for Canada to give just and due appreciation to the Haida.”

–The Hon. Ian Holloway P.C., C.D., Q.C., Dean of the University of Calgary Faculty of Law and RCN Chief Petty Officer (ret’d)


“HMCS Haida was named in honour of the spirit of cooperation that has always existed between Canada’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities during times of conflict. Recognizing the Haida as the flagship of the Royal Canadian Navy is a great way to celebrate that spirit.”

–Richard Blackwolf, President, Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association and RCN (ret’d)


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