The passing of Neil Bruce

After learning of the passing of Mr. John Neil Bruce, the man who led the effort to save HMCS HAIDA from the scrapyard, our founder wrote a letter to Canada’s largest newspapers, which was published in the Toronto Star.

Upon receiving the letter, the Globe and Mail reached out to confirm their interest in writing a long obituary for Mr. Bruce: “Veteran Neil Bruce saved the Haida — a storied Canadian warship”

What Neil Bruce did in saving HMCS HAIDA, Canada’s ‘fightingest’ ship, and its incredible history from the scrapyard was akin to stopping a highway from being built over Vimy Ridge. Canadians owe him a debt of gratitude.

The Project Naval Distinction team would like to thank Mr. Bruce for his service and gift to future generations of Canadians, while extending our best thoughts to the Bruce family.


Update: 19 September 2017 – Mr. Bruce’s passing was pointed out to the highest level of officials at Parks Canada. To date, we are not aware of any recognition of this sad event by Parks Canada, the Department of National Defence or the Royal Canadian Navy.